Simple Build Script
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sbs: Simple Build Script

Copyright (c)2024 alias blujai831 Provided under Thufie's CNPLv7+.

This is a build script for C and C++ projects using gcc. It does the job of a build system, but I call it a "build script" rather than a "build system" because, rather than being flexible and adaptable, it's designed to simplify developer configuration by making common-case assumptions. The point is to provide a means for probably most people to be able to build and run my code until I can be bothered to make the time commitment required to properly learn cmake.



Requires bash 4+, gcc, pkg-config, tar, zip, and gnu coreutils.


The basic requirements are the same, but are less straightforward to satisfy. I would suggest installing msys2 and using sbs within that environment.



Copy the file sbs into /usr/local/bin.


Copy the file sbs to a location under the PATH variable of your Unix compatibility layer of choice (rec. msys2).


Invoke as sbs from command line. See usage message (sbs --help) for full details.